Challenge #1 Results

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Challenge #1 Results

Post by nightsncoffee on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:34 am

Hello everyone! Today draws the close of our first ever writing challenge. It was difficult, but hopefully fun. I've learned what works and what does not work and I will be working with my co-admin to improve the experience.

If you have the time, I would be super grateful if you would complete this short survey about the challenge and some questions about the group in general. You did not have to complete the challenge to take the survey.

Link here:

Now, for what we all were waiting for: the challenge results. I was so excited to see everyone's differing writing styles and voices. You all made the prompt your own and I can tell that you worked hard. Thank you to all who participated! The following is a small masterpost of everyone's submissions.

@sophia2rebecca's work, |Untitled|, can be read here:

@nightsncofee's work, |To Let Go|, can be read here:

At this time, I am no longer taking submissions for the challenge. Challenge #2 is currently being planned, along with some hopefully beneficial changes. A massive thanks, once again, to ALL who participated. Thank you for your hard work and keep writing!

-Zia Hayes elephant study

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