When The Ocean Defeated Dust (Challenge #3)

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When The Ocean Defeated Dust (Challenge #3)

Post by nightsncoffee on Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:12 pm

The dust of the ground went to sleep last year.
The dust of the ground said to me,
“Let me die and let me be forgotten
for this world is wicked
and so am I.
But please don’t forget me;
for wicked I am,
I love you more than words
and for you,
I would surely die.
But you;
you some day will die for me.”

I swore to never forget
and with that, I followed its wish and the world soon forgot
about the dust of ground.
We danced over the dust of the ground.
We threw parties and yelled chants.
The dust of the ground was not missed.
I soon forgot of it as all the world had.

Then a night of great trouble came to me
and dust soon awoke.
“Darling, what troubles you?”

I could not speak for I was terrified.
“What are you doing in my room?”
I shouted.
“Leave! Be gone! I know you not.”

The dust was angry and vexed unlike any man
I had ever seen.
It rose up and began to choke me.

“You are a filthy liar,” it hissed to me.
I was horrified and feared that soon I’d begin to die.
Then the door burst open and three drops of the ocean appeared.

“Child,” they said, “do not fear.
Forsake this dust with all of you
and come to me.”

My fear did not still, but I agreed. The oceans drops touched
the dust and the dust fell to the ground, weakened and broke.
I stood up trembling and for a terrible moment
I remembered the dust.

Seven years later, I forgot the ocean’s sacrifice.
I told myself, “It was their choice to die.”
But one night when blood soaked the floor,
the drops of the ocean came back
doubled and more.

“Forsake the dust and come to me,”
the ocean water said.

I trembled. “The dust is dead,” I cried.

“You live as if it still rules your mind.”

I stared at the ocean and the ocean stared at me.
“Child, come,” it said so softly. “You needn’t fear.”
So I pulled the dust I’d been
so secretly keeping inside my heart
and threw it to the ground.

I ran like a child into the ocean
and it swept me away towards the sun
so I could live another day.

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